Film and TV Props

As a member of the Film Makers Union in Georgia, 
IATSE Local 479, I work as a prop builder and scenic painter.

This a 12 foot diameter globe for a Universal Pictures exhibit built of fiberglass 
in eight sections and illuminated from within. 
I carved all the continents for this job and reproduced them out of clear fiberglass.

The following pictures are a replica of a textile mill that I helped build.
The bricks are made of plywood and detailed to look like real brickwork.
I also built all the props shown and painted them to look old and aged.

A tree I sculpted and painted for the TV series "Single Ladies"

A prop for a movie set: a blacksmith anvil and tools made from urethane foam.

This tree eventually held a tree house.
A nine foot tall trash can carved out of white foamfor a Sesame Street display.